The ownership of Art redefined.
EEGG Foundation enables the creation of a revolutionary new asset class on the Ethereum blockchain. Our mission is to bridge the worlds of analogue Art and digital technology by creating a new form of ownership distributed to artists, galleries, and collectors.

The EEGG (Electronic Egg) is a redefined art object. It consists of two indivisible parts. One is a real work of Art, ROR (Real Object of Reality), and the other is its unique digital version NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Both versions of the work are tradable together only.

White Paper

The Art

With the emergence of a blockchain revolution, we bring transparency, legal immutability, and incentives never existed before.

Undisputed ownership

Every transaction happens in the blockchain, transparent and immutable. Together with the legal framework, the technology guarantees ownership.


The EEGG technology secures commission to the authors (and their successors) from any future transaction of their original Art. Unlike now, the EEGG guardianship results in the assurance of commissions.


The unique join of ROR and NFT brings the possibility to exhibit the Art physically and online.


The EEGG technology brings a system of decentralized on-chain / off-chain oracle providers, which makes the state or place of the ROR unquestionable.

The Architecture

Architecture model

EEGG Token

Do not you see your EEGG Tokens in your wallet?

EEGG Token is the central driver of the EEGG Foundation.

The token will provide its owners with a share of the transaction fees that the EEGG Foundation will receive from providing the technology for the sale of EEGG objects. In addition to appreciation, the ownership of EEGG tokens provides its owner with the possibility of "governance" of the EEGG Foundation project. For example, the right to influence the development and final form of EEGG Smart Contracts, which determine the parameters of the sale of EEGG works, with your vote.


Initial supply100%+100_000_000 EEGG
IDO-10%-10_000_000 EEGG
Founders/Developers/Partners-50%-50_000_000 EEGG
Development & Innovation-5%-5_000_000 EEGG
ICO-11%-11_000_000 EEGG
Liquidity pool-3%-3_000_000 EEGG
Liquidity (locked)21%21_000_000 EEGG


The EEGG Foundation covers two different products running on the Ethereum blockchain. Both products are closely related, and one is based on the other. And both are offered free to the public as open source.

Smart Contracts

The EEGG Smart Contracts is a set of digitally programmed procedures and contracts that autonomously ensure the sale of EEGG works and the operation of the EEGG Foundation mechanism. EEGG Smart Contracts are stored and published on the blockchain for free use.

Headless Gallery

The second product of the EEGG Foundation is the EEGG headless gallery. A gallery technologically connected to Smart Contracts, based on which anyone can run their own gallery for the sale of EEGG objects. The gallery can be skinned and implemented on third-party web interfaces, e.g. on gallery stands that trade in NTF images.